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Umami Ketchup With A Hint Of Desi Heat

Umami Ketchup With A Hint Of Desi Heat

I’ve read a lot of definitions of umami, but somehow none of them completely describe my experience of it. For me, more than a taste, umami is a feeling: it is a kind of savouriness that makes the back of my jaw and throat feel a wee bit tight, my mouth salivate so intensely that I have to take a gulp and I feel my mind going into a zen mode where instead of ‘shivoham’, its saying a long breathless ‘mmmm’. And its all triggered by the first whiff. Actually, I am feeling it right this minute as I write this. Even the memory of it triggers this overwhelming feeling. Ufff! Do you feel it too? Now, if only everything one eats could have this feeling. It’s tough, but what if one can add a lick of it to everything? I did just that today with my sweet, sour and intensely savoury umami ketchup with a hint of desi heat. It was generously smeared over a floppy masala omelette I had for breakfast. After taking the …

Aloo Ko Achaar or Nepalese Potato Salad

I wonder why has oil in everyday cooking been reduced to just being a medium of cooking vs. it being that essential ingredient that adds its own subtle taste and flavour!? I know there is EVOO, and much has been spoken about it. But what about mustard oil or til ka tel (sesame) or unrefined groundnut oil or coconut oil. These aren’t just ‘better for you oils’, they make food taste better. Like the mustard oil in today’s breakfast of Nepali Aloo Ko Achaar with parathas. It gives this potato salad a beautifully rounded taste as it mellows the heat of all the spices that go into it. BTW, this Aloo Ko Achaar takes 15 minutes to assemble (if you don’t count the boiling of the potatoes) and just 15 seconds to polish off. Don’t take my word for it. Try it.