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Umami Ketchup With A Hint Of Desi Heat

Umami Ketchup With A Hint Of Desi Heat

I’ve read a lot of definitions of umami, but somehow none of them completely describe my experience of it. For me, more than a taste, umami is a feeling: it is a kind of savouriness that makes the back of my jaw and throat feel a wee bit tight, my mouth salivate so intensely that I have to take a gulp and I feel my mind going into a zen mode where instead of ‘shivoham’, its saying a long breathless ‘mmmm’. And its all triggered by the first whiff. Actually, I am feeling it right this minute as I write this. Even the memory of it triggers this overwhelming feeling. Ufff! Do you feel it too? Now, if only everything one eats could have this feeling. It’s tough, but what if one can add a lick of it to everything? I did just that today with my sweet, sour and intensely savoury umami ketchup with a hint of desi heat. It was generously smeared over a floppy masala omelette I had for breakfast. After taking the …

Pecan, Cacao Nibs and Butter Roasted Puffed Rice Ladoos, Cookies and Bars or Murmura Ladoo with Swag

Pecan, Cacao Nibs and Butter Roasted Puffed Rice Ladoos, Cookies and Bars or Murmura Ladoo with Swag

I’ve never got the craze around energy and granola bars. They all tend to feel so heavy and always sooo unsatisfying. Yesterday I had one that was especially bad. And that got me thinking about the energy bar, rather energy ball from my childhood, the murmura ladoo or puffed rice ladoo. Intensely caramelised and crisp, these always felt light and 100% satisfying. I loved the one’s my nani’s guy in Jamshedpur used to make. Hot off the pan in one corner of Bistupur Market I would devour a couple of them in one go (read 5). This morning I took inspiration from those classic energy balls from my childhood and gave it a little swag with pecan, cacao nibs and butter roasted puffed rice. It goes brilliantly with a cup of hot black coffee. And just as the classic, always light, but these are 110% more satisfying. Give these make ahead balls, bars and cookies a go. They take not more than 25 minutes to make.