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5 Fried Egg Recipes That Upgrade Your Fried Egg Game

5 Fried Egg Recipes That Upgrade Your Fried Egg Game

If you love it, put an egg on it. But what if you LOVE, ❤️, 😍 and 😘 eggs, what do you put on it? Of course salt and pepper. But is salt and pepper always enough for those plump, creamy yolks and lacy whites? I think not. So are 5 fried egg toppings that up the game on salt and pepper. I think they deserve that.   1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   Pssst: what are the toppings that you like over your fried eggs? Would love to read your comments.

Sauce Gribiche on Butter Fried Toast, a cure for the Monday morning blues

Can butter, mustard and a few boiled eggs solve a Monday?! Maybe not, but these could if they were in this butter fried toast topped with my version of Sauce Gribiche; a classic French sauce made with boiled eggs that can also be an egg salad. Yes, the butter fried toast feels excessive, but to cure the blues one has to call in the big guns.

Spicy Thai Egg White and Holy Basil Scrambled Eggs

There are two things I hate more than anything: one, egg white scrambled eggs or omelettes. It’s just so pointless, tasteless and rubbery without the yolks. Why would anyone steal that away from their omelette or scrambled eggs?!?? But this morning I had 4 eggs worth of egg whites in the refrigerator staring at me. They were leftovers from batch of lemon curd I had made the other day. That’s where the second thing I dislike comes into play; I hate wasting or throwing away good food. It makes me feel sick in the stomach. So in desperation, to save these 4 egg whites, and add some interest, favour and joy into them I tried something that was a complete delight. The Spicy Thai Egg White and Holy Basil Scrambled Eggs takes inspiration from the Thai Pad Kra-Pao Gai or stir fried chicken with holy basil (or tulsi). If you have egg whites lying around or a tulsi plant that needs pruning or if you just want to breakout of the monotony of regular everyday omelettes, scrambled eggs …